About Us

​​PCNs represent Alberta’s strategy to reform the delivery of primary care.  Primary care is a term used to describe the care that patients receive when they first contact the health system.  Primary care services are typically provided by a family physician.​

Kalyna County PCN is a joint venture between a group of family physicians from Vegreville, Viking, Vermilion, Killam, Tofield and Alberta Health Services (AHS) - come together to implement a business plan to improve the quality of care and access to services for the people of our community. With locations in each member town, this PCN draws its potential enrollee population from our rural communities.

​How do you Benefit From a PCN?

The PCN has programs designed to improve the quality of the care your family physician provides to you while also increasing your ability to access your physician’s services.

Your first step towards benefiting from the PCN is to see your family physician. Your doctor is one of the designers of the PCN’s programs and so your doctor is well versed in the PCN’s programs. At your appointment, you may also see the Nurse Practitioner or the Pharmacist for a physical assessment and medication review.  Each appointment is structured around individual needs and shared with your family physician. 


Why it is important to have a regular family doctor